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What do people call you? Jaycox
What might your age be? 16
Where do you currently live? Long Island, NY
Do you prefer boys or girls? Girls, but I don't mind kissing guys.
Dating or single? Single.
Promote in at least 2 other places and show the links here [personal journals, other communities, etc...]:
my journal (

Favourite color? Pink and Black
10 favourite bands: (not in any order)
1.With Honor
2.Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers
3.The Chariot
4.Minor Threat
5.Norma Jean
6.Casey Jones
7.The Blood Brothers
8.Comeback Kid
9.The Mars Volta
8 favourite movies:
1.Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
2.The Usual Suspects
3.The Motorcycle Diaries
4.Resevoir Dogs
5.The Royal Tenenbaums
6.Requiem For A Dream
7.Good Burger
Favourite food? steak.
Favourite drink? soda.
Top five favourite books:
1.The Perks of Being A Wallflower
2.Like The Red Panda
3.Our Band Could Be Your Life
4.American Hardcore
5.High Fidelity
Top five TV shows you watch:
1.The Fairly Oddparents
2.Strange Love
3.Surreal Life
4.The Dive
5.The West Wing
Five favourite songs at the moment:
1.With Honor - Bridges And Gaps
2.Bury Your Dead - Cammo Is My Favorite Color
3.The Mars Volta - Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus
4.Tilly And The Wall - Nights of the Living Dead
5.Casey Jones - Just Another Day in the FLA
What's your favourite number? 2
Favorite Season? Winter
Favorite male and female celebrity? Jamie Foxx and Angelina Jolie
What's your favorite scent/smell?

If you found a wallet that had a lot of cash inside and the ID, what would you do with it? Why?I would report it to the police, and if the person didn't retrieve it, I would take it after the allowed days.
What's the worst you've gotten into trouble?Ticket for skateboarding.
What's your best and worst memory?Best: a recent local show I went too. All of my good friends were there, and it was just a good ol time. Worst: My mom dying.
What's your opinion on pre-marital sex? Or sex in general? I'm fine with it, but I believe if you're not ready for a child, wear a condom, or don't do it at all. I'm saving myself until I'm ready.
What about drugs and alcohol? I guess I'm what you would call "straight edge" but I really dislike labels. I choose not to do drugs, smoke or drink, because I don't want to. I've smoked cigs, smoked weed, and I've drank before. I hate the taste of alcohol, cigarettes are just stupid, and while the feeling of being high was a good one, I didn't want to become a pothead, so I stopped after the first time. I also am "straight edge" because I want to be healthier. Plus I know I can find other means of having fun. You can do what you like, but if you're one of my friends, and if I think it's going to far, then I'm going to step in and tell you to chill out on the drinking, try and cut down on the smoking, and lay off the drugs a little.
What do you think of George W. Bush? I really dislike him. I don't like the fact how he's almost completely ignoring Osama Bin Laden, and concentrating on Iraq and now Iran. He's just a pig.
Have any hobbies? What might they be? Yeah, I like to snowboard, film videos, skateboard, take pictures (a lot), surf and go to shows.
How would you decribe your style? Laid back, with a shit load of excitement/hyper moments.
Describe your personality. Supercalafragilisticexpealodocus.
Make us laugh....:

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I'm half white, half black.
Give one good reason why you should be accepted:...I don't know..I'm straight up gangstttttuhhhhhhhh, what up nigguh!
Post a picture of something you love:

A few pictures of thyself and whatever else you'd like to show:

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