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I survive by these memories of you...

sorry about the mess ups earlier but now its all better

What do people call you? Michelle
What might your age be? 18
Where do you currently live? Descanso
Do you prefer boys or girls? boys
Dating or single? dating

Favourite color? i like them all
 favourite bands:
1. across five aprils
2. haste the day
3. underoath
4. shai hulud
5. keepsake
6. further seems forever
7. trigger my nightmare
8. 7 angels 7 plagues
9. as i lay dying

8 favourite movies:
1. troy
2. the sweetest thing
3. hitch
4. finding nemo
5. a walk to remember
6. the little mermaid
7. beautiful mind
8. butterfly effect
Favourite food? chicken alfredo
Favourite drink? diet pepsi
Top five favourite books:
1. ephesians
2. romans
3. acts
4. proverbs

i ve really only ever attempted to read the bible...
Top five TV shows you watch:
1. newlyweds
2. american idol
3. 24
4. full house
5. made
Five favourite songs at the moment:
1. through the pane
2. american love
3. hearts necks and other things that break
4. when the sun sleeps
5. changing of times
What's your favourite number? 2
Favorite Season? spring
Favorite male and female celebrity? shaun white and angelina jolie
What's your favorite scent/smell? gasoline

If you found a wallet that had a lot of cash inside and the ID, what would you do with it? Why? id mail it back, because some did that for me
What's the worst you've gotten into trouble? speeding ticket i guess
What's your best and worst memory? kissing in a car while driving, and being told i was really sick
What's your opinion on pre-marital sex? Or sex in general? i use to dig it but now i am for after marriage sex basically because i dont want lil michelles running around
What about drugs and alcohol? if you can handle it go for it
What do you think of George W. Bush? like him more than kerry
Have any hobbies? What might they be? other than fishing and make up nope not really i am trying to finish high school and keep my job and then hang out with frinds in between but what we do i dont consider a hobby
How would you decribe your style? american eagle/ marshalls
Describe your personality. im either really opinionated or really shy. i like to just goof off and make fun of people.
Make us laugh....: 
Tell us something interesting about yourself: people think i can sing
Give one good reason why you should be accepted: im opinionated and i like drama free things and i want to see how this works out
Post a picture of something you love:

A few pictures of thyself and whatever else you'd like to show:

im on the right

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